Appointment Requirements

Appt ReqPatient Arrival and Departure
We ask that each patient arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment in order to complete the necessary paperwork. If a sedative procedure is scheduled, it is required that a licensed driver accompany the patient to drive them home as a safety precaution. Patient’s driver must present license for review before scheduled appointment can occur. Driver must also remain in office for the duration of patient’s visit.

If for some reason, a patient is late, unable to present their insurance card or unable to pay their co-pay, the patient’s appointment will be rescheduled with no exceptions.

Appointment  Cancellation
You must call at least 24 hours prior to appointment to cancel. Effective June 1, 2013, the “No Show” fee for AIPM will increase to $50.

Late Arrival Policy
We seek to provide excellent care to our patients despite a constantly changing environment. Healthcare services are subject to numerous demands and lower reimbursements. In order to remain in business and provide the high quality care experience we, as an organization, have to insist on efficient scheduling. The time of the scheduled appointment is when the provider is face to face with the patient. We prefer to see patients on time rather than languishing in the waiting room. In order to facilitate this we have established the following policy:

Patients are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of appointment. This is considered a minimum as it allows for verifying insurance and filling out intake forms.If there are changes in insurance or other issues, it is advised that the patient arrives 30 minutes early. Patients who arrive 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time will have their appointment rescheduled. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the provider involved or the Medical Director.

Abusive Patients, Family Member and Associates
AIPM strives to provide care to our patients in a professional manner while demonstrating respectful patients, family members, and their associates. Use of foul or derogatory language, racial slurs, or threats to our staff is not acceptable and is grounds for dismissal from our clinic.

Payment and Insurance Requirements
We accept personal checks, cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover). All insurance co-pays are due at the time of service. Any portion of your treatments not covered by your insurance becomes your responsibility and is due within 30 days.

Please note: There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks. After the first returned check, we will only accept cash or credit card.

For Billing Inquiries Only
Toll Free: (855) 245-5005 ext. 242
Telephone: (408) 724-4468
Fax: (919) 882-1333